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Preparation for Mediation

Documents For My Review
The following documents shall be forwarded to me prior to the mediation: the Petition, the Answer and/or Cross Petition, all Court Orders, Proposed Final Orders, Financial Affidavits and, where appropriate, a separate list of assets with an indication of their fair market values. If there are minor children, please also include Proposed Parenting Plans and Guidelines Worksheets. Submission of a mediation summary is not required.

Financial Affidavits
The parties specifically agree to my review of their financial affidavits. The information contained in these documents is covered by the same umbrella of confidentiality set forth in the "Confidentiality" section above.

Preparation and Witnesses
All relevant information should be exchanged prior to the mediation.

At the discretion of the mediator, the presence of a witness and/or an expert is permitted.

Location for Mediation

A suitable mediation site will be chosen to accommodate the parties' needs.

Offices locations in Portsmouth and Newington are available, at no cost. Both offer private conference rooms and a comfortable work environment.

Coffee and other refreshments are available at my office locations. Please make arrangements for your lunch to be brought in, so the mediation may continue without interruption. We will not be stop, as a group, for lunch.

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