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My Approach to Mediating

My employment has allowed me to develop a global philosophy about separation/divorce mediation.


Since 2008, I have mediated divorce, post-divorce and parenting cases.  Prior to that, I was a Marital Master in the NH Family Division for 16 years, hearing issues of separation, divorce, domestic violence and child support. Each year as a Master, I issued more than 2,000 rulings. Earlier in my career, I worked as a Deputy Clerk in the NH Superior Court for 4 years; was in private law practice for 4 years; and spent 5 years as a pediatric oncology nurse. These experiences helped me develop a compassionate and knowledgeable understanding of what can make the mediation process work for you.


During mediation, I will strive to:

- Maintain a respectful environment where both parties have an opportunity to air their positions,

- Assist in reaching an accommodation acceptable to both parties,

- Add a realistic voice, if necessary, to the process of negotiations,

- Enable you to reach a conclusion with your dignity intact.

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