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Harriet J. Fishman Esq.

Separation and Divorce Mediation

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A Respectful
and Balanced
Mediation Approach
Traveling through the process of separation/divorce, a tidal wave of emotion will envelop you and your family. This is true regardless of your gender, economic status or whether you were the party who filed the legal papers or the person who received them. Over time, each family member's response to the proceedings will evolve.

Reaching consensus on issues that touch your family and your livelihood cannot be rushed. Creating a more humane process is in everyone's best interest. That is my goal for you.

My past employment has allowed me to develop a global philosophy about separation/divorce mediation. Most recently, I spent 16 years on the bench as a Marital Master, hearing issues solely related to separation, divorce, domestic violence and child support, and issuing well in excess of 2000 rulings per year. I have also worked in an administrative capacity with the NH Superior Court, been in private law practice, and had a career as a pediatric oncology nurse. These experiences have helped me develop a compassionate yet informed understanding of what can make the mediation experience work for you.
During the mediation process, I will strive to:

- Maintain a respectful environment in which both of you have the opportunity to air your positions;

- Assist in reaching an accommodation acceptable to both of you;

- Add a realistic voice, if necessary, to the process of negotiations; and

- Enable you to reach a conclusion with your dignity intact.

A Respectful and Balanced Mediation Approach